NFT/Crypto Taxation, Regulation, ZenLedger and More with Dan Hannum COO of ZenLedger

May 5, 2023

On this episode we chat with Dan Hannum COO of ZenLedger. Learn more about Dan's background on his path from graduating college to becoming COO of ZenLedger. Dan and I talk about the taxation of crypto currencies and NFTs, common misconceptions about the tax code regarding NFT/Crypto as well as the tax codes limitations on this emerging field.

Dan discusses how ZenLedger can help individuals, individuals with tax accountants, tax accountants, businesses as well as governments calculate the tax impact of NFT/Crypto activity across multiple wallets and accounts. Dan discusses how ZenLedger is a secure and easy to use platform and anyone get started for free to import their NFT/Crypto activity prior to signing up. We also talk about what it's like for Dan to work with legendary investors Mark Cuban and Gary Vee who are investors at ZenLedger. We hope you enjoy and we thank Dan for coming on the show!

ZenLedger/ Dan’s website and socials:

-ZenLedger website:

-ZenLedger Twitter:

-Dan’s Twitter:

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